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I am a large-format photographer working primarily with a 4x5 view camera and occasionally a Hasselblad. All prints are made by hand in a traditional wet darkroom using the finest materials available and processed to the current archival standards.


I have taken workshops with John Sexton, Ansel Adams' former photographic assistant; and with Tillman Crane, a master in platinum/palladium printing. I have been doing photography for forty years working in black and white. I work in black and white because I like the abstract quality of a fine crafted black and white print. As much as I like to photograph, I also love to print. The process starts when I set up my tripod and visualize what the final print will be. For me, printing my own work in gelatin silver is the completion of the creative process.


I have traveled in a number of countries and the US photographing what "speaks" to me. The images on this website cannot show the beauty of a fine print, but I hope you enjoy them.

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